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To facilitate instruction on both oboe and bassoon, attendees at the Double Talk Workshop are divided into two groups. Educators attend the workshop on one instrument for the first half of the day before switching to the other instrument for the second half.


Events include masterclasses on instrument fundamentals, key tips for getting your students started on double reeds, and a "concepts of reeds and reed-adjustment" session, all with plenty of built in time for discussion and questions!


The day will end with a group double reed ensemble reading-session to practice the skills we've been learning about! 

General Schedule (subject to adjustment):

9:00 Group Welcome and Introductions!

9:30 Fundamentals Class I

10:30 Reed Adjustment I

11:15 "Where Do I Start?": Starting Students on Double Reeds        

11:45 Break for Lunch

12:45 Fundamentals Class II (Switch instruments!)

1:45 Reed Adjustment II

2:30 Double Reed Ensemble Reading-Session

3:15 Closing Discussion and Thoughts 

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